Watch as Apt2B resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, takes our Feldman Chair and uses chalkboard paint to give it a fun, new look in our newest DIY #2BHack.

Tired of using those grandma style place cards for your dinner guests? This chalkboard paint racing stripe chair DIY will help transform even your most boring chair into something that should be the star of a Formula 1 party!



Start by choosing the chair that you want to induct into the hall of fame of racing. We used the Apt2B Feldman Chair. Besides your chair, you will only require four things: A paint roller, chalkboard paint (we used this one by Colorhouse), painter’s tape and measuring tape.

Step 1: Tape your painting area

Measure 6 inches (or vary the distance depending on how thick or thin you want your racing stripe) and mark the spots on the chair with a pencil. Put tape outside of those marks to ensure that the racing stripe is the full 6 inches in width.

Step 2: Painting

Start painting your chair. Make sure you don’t soak your paint roller in too much paint, making the paint drip down your chair. Wait 30 min for the coat to dry and then paint another coat. Wait another 30 min or until the paint is completely dry. Don’t cheat!

Step 3: The Finish

Peel the tape off of your chair and voilá, you have a chair even Bernie Ecclestone would look fab in. There are many ways you can use the chalkboard stripe on your chair. Draw a beautiful design with colorful chalk (or even crayons) or keep it simple and use it as a substitute for those old place cards.

Extra Tip: When you’re tired of your guests and they won’t leave, sit on the chair and imitate your best childhood car racing noises. No one wants to take care of the crazy person…

Be sure to take pictures of your finished furniture and send it to us using #2BHack and #MakeItHome ! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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