Purple is the color of royalty, of mountain majesty, and – of course – the infamous eggplant emoji. It’s also our Apt2B Color of the Month! So let’s drift into that purple haze and look at the reasons why this color is so unique and and so magnificent.

The Color Purple

The color purple (no, not the Spielberg movie) is a strong and passionate color. It features the robust warmth of red in addition to the cool relaxing tones of blue. It’s a color that inspires creativity, which is why it’s perfect for your home office. However, an overabundance of violet hues can induce stress. Just think about Barney The Dinosaur or Tinky Winky from ‘Teletubbies’. I bet you’re feeling stressed already.  The solution is to use purple as an accent color in your home.  A pop of purple in the form of a sofa, accent chair, throw pillow, or even artwork is the perfect way to punch up the power of your space without overwhelming it. Light tones like lilac are fresh, airy, and inviting. Darker shades are rich as well as luxurious. Choose the proper purple to please your personality (add more alliteration here).

Purple Reign

The connection between the color purple and royalty was once as strong as the connection between Marie Antoinette and her head. That’s because it used to be the most ridiculously difficult and expensive color to create. And “difficult and expensive” might as well be the slogan for the royal family. Harvesting, shelling, and then juicing the glands of rock snails was the only way the dye could be acquired. Seriously. And we’re not talking about one rock snail. It took 12,000 of these predatory mollusks to produce 1 ounce of dye, which is absolutely insane to consider. This particular dye was known as Tyrian (not to be confused with a certain Lannister, though the dye is worth its weight in gold). An ounce of true Tyrian Purple dye is worth $2,500 in today’s money! That’s a lot of clams. Literally.

Go ahead and use our color of the month so that you can feel like royalty! We’ve curated a collection of different shades for you so that you can find your perfect piece without a headache. Click here.

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