What’s better than having one Color of the Month? Having two Colors of the Month! Instead of celebrating one lonely, individual color, this month we’ve decided to celebrate the combination of two colors. That’s because style is all about combining various elements to create a singular whole. It’s the contrast and the variety and the combination that makes for great style. We’ve chosen the combination of Petal Blue and Aspire Yellow to kick off our Color Combo of the Month series. Find out why the combination of these two colors is a designer’s dream.

Primary Colors

Blue and yellow are two of the three primary colors (sorry, red, maybe you’ll get your chance next month). Primary colors are the colors, when combined, by which we get every other color on the color wheel. Blue and yellow make green. Blue and red make purple. Red and yellow make orange. And green, purple, and orange make for a really ugly combination. Blue and yellow work well together because they have enough contrast to set them apart, but enough in common to make them a good match. That’s the beauty of primary colors.

Petal Blue

Petal Blue by Colorhouse is a bold and bright hue. It’s the blue you imagine when you hear the word “blue”. It’s a versatile color because it can be used equally well for the walls of a room or as the accent color featured on the pillows, rugs, or throws. Petal Blue is bright enough that it won’t give your room “the blues”, and it’s robust enough to stand out on its own. Blue is a calming color that’s great for living rooms and home offices. And before you ask, yes there are plenty of plants and trees with blue petals like the Jacaranda.

Aspire Yellow

Aspire Yellow by Colorhouse is similar to Petal Blue in the sense that it’s a true, classic yellow. It’s bright enough to escape the “mustard” comparisons and it’s dark enough to have a full-bodied presence. Yellow can pose a challenge for designers because it’s a color that can easily overwhelm a space. That’s why yellow is often reserved for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. It also works incredibly well as an accent color. Pops of yellow can really help make a room feel cheery and inviting. And isn’t that how you want your home to feel?

Petal Blue + Aspire Yellow Combination

There’s a reason sports teams like the inimitable Michigan Wolverines, the St. Louis Jazz, and the unbeatable Golden State Warriors have chosen the blue and yellow color combo to represent their teams – because it looks fantastic. It’s an iconic combination that feels both powerful and understated at the same time. It’s classy. This is as true on the field (or rink or court) as it is in your home. Aspire Yellow helps brighten up Petal Blue and Petal Blue helps soften Aspire Yellow. They meet in the middle in a way that amplifies the positive sides of each without bringing out the negative sides of either one. In other words, they have the perfect marriage. A blue sofa with yellow throw pillows is a great example of how to use these two colors to your style advantage.

What do you think? Are you going to redecorate your home with Petal Blue and Aspire Yellow in mind? Help us celebrate this color combination by checking out our Color Combo of the Month Collection!

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