Green is the color of the natural environment and carries several positive psychological qualities. Green is often associated with springtime, freshness, renewal, and growth. In general, green often evokes feelings of security, hope, prosperity, and balance. Similar to bringing plants and greenery into the home, green emulates positive life energy and reconnects us with nature—to restore and rejuvenate. Green is also a gender-neutral tone that can be used in any decorative style from rustic and formal to contemporary and casual. As an architectural color, green is a versatile tone that can harmonize from room to room and lends itself to almost any color combination. Here at Colorhouse Paint, we explain how and where to surround yourself with greenery in your home.

Neutral Greens

Greens in this group are versatile and balanced. They can be used in any space of the home and function as a transitional hue to create flow and movement from one room to the next. These greens are calming and promote tranquility- use LEAF .01 in the bedroom to create a serene and restful space, LEAF .06 in the entryway or hallway, and GLASS .03 in the kitchen as an earthy backdrop to white cabinets and wood accents.

Bright Greens

These rich and saturated hues are invigorating, vibrant, dramatic, and luxurious. These hues are best used in areas where you want to provide a focal point, elevate the drama and elegance, or add a pop of color. Use THRIVE .06 as an accent wall in the bedroom to heighten the richness of the space or pair charcoal and cranberry accents with our DREAM .05 in the living room for a creative and contemporary look.


Warm Greens

Bring the outdoors in with happy and refreshing greens. These happy hues are luminous and energetic—use LEAF .07 in a bright loft or contemporary kitchen, use PETAL .02 in an airy bathroom or as an accent wall, and add a touch of playfulness with our gender-neutral SPROUT .05 in a nursery or kid’s room.

Earthy Greens

Greens in this category are artful, strong, powerful, and sophisticated. These cozy hues are best used in gathering spaces or as an accent wall. Use LEAF .04 in a dining room with black and wood accents for a contemporary feel and elevate the sophistication with GLASS .06 in a study or library for a worldly, well-traveled appeal.

Cool Greens

Greens in this group have blue undertones and are cool, calming, and tranquil. Paint the walls with these blue-green hues in any room where you want to create a restful and relaxed space. Use GLASS .05 in the bedroom for a soft and quiet feel or pair coral and bright white accents with THRIVE .05 to freshen up a contemporary kitchen.


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