You read that right. And no, this headline is not from 1972. Cane furniture really is trending right now.  This 50-year-old style is finding new life with today’s stark, textured, minimalist home decor aesthetics. We’d like to think that cane was simply ahead of its time. Because it’s definitely having a moment now.

It’s Time To Give Cane Furniture A Chance

The Ashford Media Stand | Part of our brand new Ashford Collection

I realize that some people might have traumatic memories associated with the cane in their parents’ or grandparents’ homes. It was everywhere. And it clashed with everything. And there was so much of it where it didn’t belong. While we’re not going to be able to offer therapy, perhaps you can start the healing process by accepting that cane and rattan furniture is actually quite beautiful on its own. It has a unique, artisanal quality that evokes the same visual ideas as a hand-knit blanket or a piece of heirloom embroidery. In other words, cane and rattan furniture have an old-world feel to them. This type of furniture feels storied, authentic, and nostalgic whether it’s brand new or salvaged from an estate sale. And that makes it feel special.

black and wooden rocking chair

The Ashford Rocking Chair | Part of the new Ashford Collection

Our Cane Is Not Arcane

Our new Kingston Collection

Cane furniture isn’t a flash-in-the-pan trend. It has a real place in the modern decor conversation. That’s because cane embodies many of the modern decor aesthetics that we value: varied texture, light visual weight, and natural material construction. You could describe the entire Scandinavian minimalist design movement with those exact words. Modern cane is also more muted than its predecessors. It’s now savvy to feature cane for the front paneling, the drawer fronts, or the cabinetry as opposed to constructing the entire piece out of rattan or wicker. It’s not nearly as overwhelming and it adds just the right amount of visual texture to an otherwise all wood piece.

Light & Breezy

We would be remiss if we did not mention the island vibe that cane and rattan embody. It’s basically impossible to see a piece of furniture with cane detailing and not immediately think of an island resort. And we’re here to tell you that that is not a bad thing. That’s because island aesthetics tend to inspire positive thoughts and feelings. Who doesn’t want to sit on a rattan rocking chair while sipping a Mojito and looking at the sunset over the ocean? While you don’t necessarily want your home to feel like a Sandals resort, having a pop of cane or rattan can help create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Again – definitely not a bad thing.

Francisco Rattan Panel Media Stand | Part of our Francisco Collection

Cane You Dig It?

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