Deny Designs is undeniably the most unique home decor brand in the biz (I wanted to get that ‘undeniable’ pun out of the way early). They’ve made a name for themselves by uniting the worlds of high-end decor and independent artistry to create products that are not only chic as hell, but also works of art. And they manage to look effortlessly-cool in the process. Here’s why Deny Designs is our current obsession.

Redefining The Artistic Experience

Artwork goes on walls. That’s how it’s always been. The artist gets a canvas, the artist paints on the canvas, and then the artist places the canvas on the wall for all to admire. But isn’t this a bit... limited? That’s one of the core questions that drives the business model at Deny Designs. They believe that artwork should not be limited to walls; it belongs on every facet of your home decor. They curate artwork from independent artists all over the world and transform the canvas into functional pieces of furniture and other home accessories. Plus they compensate every independent artist (paying artists for their work – a novel concept, huh?). This unorthodox marriage between form and function has put Deny Designs on the forefront of modern home decorating.

Obsession For Expression

Independence and individuality are at the center of Deny Design’s brand. They believe that home decor and furniture are the expressions of the individual. And that’s what art is all about. With over 150 artists from every part of the world, Deny Designs has created an outlet for creative expression that transcends the gallery experience. It gives you the power to be the curator for your own home in a way that has never been possible in the past. Artists also receive compensation for their work in brand new ways. It empowers the artists, it empowers you, and it brings a whole new realm of artistic expression to your home. And the artistry isn’t limited to the imagery, either. There’s also artistry in the construction, design, and craftsmanship of their pieces.

Made in the USA

Anyone can slap some paint on a credenza and call it artwork, but Deny Designs is a brand with real integrity. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Deny Designs builds all of their furniture in their own local factory. And we’re not talking about a big machine churning out cookie-cutter pieces – each piece is actually constructed by hand. We know furniture companies throw the term “handcrafted” around like rice at a wedding, but in this case we mean that the furniture is literally crafted by hand. That type of Made In The USA construction is a rare and beautiful thing. It also elevates Deny Designs into that upper echelons of brands that actually care about the quality of their craftsmanship.

Why We Love Them

If Apt2B and Deny Designs were both on Tinder then we would absolutely be a match. We both believe that home decor is about more than necessity. We both understand the importance of Made in the USA craftsmanship. And we both enjoy watching the sunset while sipping on cocktails (we haven’t actually confirmed that with them, but they’d be crazy if they didn’t). We respect them as a brand because of their outside-the-box approach (and aren’t the best relationships built on mutual respect?). This commonality between core beliefs made our partnership with Deny Designs a no-brainer. We couldn’t be happier or more proud to feature their fantastic line of products on our site.

Check out our great collection of Deny Design credenzas and benches! You’ll love the designs and the craftsmanship – we know we do.

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