BoHo Chic Is The Remedy For The Wayward Soul

Are you the type of person who has stacks of books all over your home, a scattered garden of succulents covering every available surface, and a snuggly hand-knit throw blanket on your sofa? If so then congratulations! Your home is already well on its way to becoming BoHo Chic. This style is really a state of mind as opposed to a set of design rules. It embraces the often-chaotic nature of life and all the unique possessions that you acquire along the way. It’s intellectual and spiritual curiosity made tangible – and comfy. It’s a style that satisfies the soul. If you believe in that sort of thing.

From Rags To Riches – The Evolution of BoHo Chic

Variations of BoHo Chic have been around since the early 1900s. Back then they didn’t call it “chic”, though. In fact, the term “BoHo” is an abbreviation of the words “Bohemian” and “Homeless”. Imagine a homeless person who has a surprisingly well-curated collection of leather-bound books – that’s vintage BoHo right there. The clothing style associated with BoHo began with gypsies who were notorious for their very colorful textured dresses and scarves. The hippies embraced this fashion because it was unconventional, non-conformist, and it was really easy to hide all their paraphernalia in the many layers fabrics. BoHo became high fashion again in the 2000s when actress Sienna Miller decided that it was going to be “her thing”. That’s when they tacked the word “chic” onto the end of it. Since then the BoHo Chic style has permeated into the interior design world – and it looks incredible.


Loose Is The Right Fit For BoHo Chic

Texture is the key to great BoHo Chic design. Macramé, thick rugs, rattan, chunky throws, cracked leather, layered fabrics – combine all of these into one space for a sure-fire way to create this look. The connective thread between all of these textures is that they’re all loose. The entire essence of BoHo Chic is loose and casually disorganized. It’s down to earth. It’s chill.

BoHo Chic Is All About That Lived In Look

The colors of the BoHo Chic palette are typically muted primary colors, earth tones, and jewel tones. This palette gives the style its “lived in” look. It never looks new; it always looks well-traveled and even a bit dusty. It’s basically the look your college friend was hoping to acquire when he went on that soul-searching backpacking trip across Europe. The style also borrows many of the same colors and patterns from Eastern influences and Native American cultures. In many ways the Navajo Rug is the definitive piece of BoHo Chic decor.

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