For too long the bench has been reserved for public parks, bus stops, and baseball dugouts. They deserve better. Benches are versatile, low-profile, and downright useful. Thankfully the interior design world has caught on and benches are finally getting their proper due. Find out why benches are the perfect choice for your entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms!


Your entryway sets the entire tone for your home decor. It’s the first impression people get of your style and your taste. As people cross the threshold into your house you want them to start off the experience on the right foot. A messy entryway is not going to inspire much confidence in the rest of the home. Here’s where the bench comes in. It’s extremely useful from a functionality standpoint, but it also gives you an opportunity to express your style. When you get home from work the bench is the perfect drop zone for your purse, your bag, or your briefcase (do people use briefcases anymore?). Just be careful not to let your bench become the type of drop zone where unwanted mail goes to die. You can also use the bench as a spot to sit down to slip on your shoes before you head out on the town. Plus you can use the space beneath the bench as shoe storage. And now that benches actually look good you can comfortably have them set the design tone for the rest of your home.

A messy entryway is not going to inspire much confidence in the rest of the home.

Dining Rooms

There’s a quaint charm in the idea of communal dining. Communal dining experiences with long benches and tables pushed together has long been the norm in Europe, but Americans have always felt the need to have individual dining chairs. We’re not the best at sharing. But that’s all changing. The dining bench is rapidly becoming a staple for the contemporary dining room and for hip new eateries. This is where the low-profile aspect of the bench shines. There are no tall chair backs that take up unnecessary vertical space and with the right size of bench it can slide right under the dining table. This is great for dining rooms that are looking for a more minimalist style. They also allow more seating since people can squeeze together in a pinch (not that they’ll want to, but they certainly can).

The dining bench is rapidly becoming a staple for the contemporary dining room.


A bedroom bench is an amazing companion piece for your bed. Nestle a bench at the foot of your bed for a huge boost in both utility and style. Benches are the perfect width for the end of a bed and have a small enough depth that they don’t stick out into the room. Use this extra seating area for putting on shoes, applying makeup, or laying out tomorrow’s outfit. Most bedrooms are a bit sparse on their furnishings so a bench provides another great opportunity for defining the overall style and design of the room. They’re great for adding a pop of color or for creating a contrast to the bedspread. They also help to dress up the foot of the bed. A bed with nothing at the end of it just looks a bit naked if you ask me.

Benches are finally being given a chance to shine as a proper piece of home furniture. Get in on the trend by checking out our amazing lineup of designer benches for your bedroom, your dining room, and your entryway!


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