Backpacks. Trapper keepers. Crayons. New clothes. Kids get all sorts of fun new stuff during the back to school season. Why shouldn’t the parents get some fun things, too? After all, they’re the ones doing all the work around the house. Once you’ve finished checking off all the items on the kids’ back to school lists, take some time to think about the checklist of items that you’d like around the house. This year, back to school time for the kids means it’s treat yo’self time at home.

Entryways – Defeat the Back To School “Drop Zone”

If you’re a parent then you might have noticed that kids have a habit of not cleaning up after themselves or putting things where they belong. The worst time of year for this is back to school time. Kids have their backpacks, sports gear, science projects, and whatever else they’ve dragged home, and they always set it down right inside the front door. The entryway becomes a chaotic “drop zone”. You can solve your entryway drop zone problem while treating yourself at the same time. An entryway bench is a smart, chic solution to this problem. The space beneath it is perfect for backpacks and shoes while the top of the bench gives kids a place to sit and get ready. Installing hooks near the front door is another smart way to get things up off the ground. Use some chalkboard paint to label the hooks for your kids and their backpacks.

The Bedroom – Create Your Kid-Free Sanctuary

The back to school season is stressful for parents. That’s why it’s important that parents are getting the best sleep at night that they possibly can. The master bedroom is also one of the only places in a family home that’s sacred for parents. Transform your master bedroom into a sanctuary and a haven for yourself this year by treating yourself to a new bed or bedroom set. You might also consider adding a lock to your master bedroom door. There’s nothing like being able to close your bedroom door, twisting the lock, and knowing that you’re in a kid-free zone – for about 30 seconds before you have to rush out to see what that crashing noise was. A good night’s sleep in a bed that’s just for you is priceless.

The Family Room – Bring Everyone Together

As a parent it can be easy to forget how important a new school year is to kids. Kids define their lives by which grade they’re in at school. A new school year is a fresh start for them. Embrace this spirit yourself by giving your family room a refresh. It will set a positive tone for the new school year and give your family a place to come together at night. A new sectional sofa that’s big enough for the whole family (including the dog) is a great way to encourage the family to spend time together. And – let’s not kid ourselves – that time together will probably be spent watching TV. In that case it might be time to give your TV stand a refresh. If you’re looking for a smaller change of pace then you can always mix things up with new toss pillows or a new set of artwork for the family room.

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