Technology, at its core, is all about improving the quality of our everyday lives. It powers our communication, it guides our cars, and it connects us in new and exciting ways. Apt2B as a company would not exist without modern technology. It’s at the very foundation of our business model. It’s part of our identity. And that’s why we’re always working with the most advanced technology to help our customers find the furniture that’s perfect for their homes. In the spirit of innovation and customer empowerment we’re proud to introduce a brand new AR (Augmented Reality) experience to With the power of AR you won’t have to imagine our furniture in your home – you’ll be able to see it in your home. And, as they say, seeing is believing.

What Exactly Is AR?

AR stands for “Augmented Reality”. It’s not the same as VR (Virtual Reality), which puts you inside a fully digital world. Instead, AR takes digital objects and places them on top of the real world. Think of it like the cartoon characters in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. It’s the real world – enhanced. AR allows you to see digital objects as if they were there right in front of you. All you need is a smart phone with a camera or a computer. The rest is magic.

How It Works

Apt2B makes AR easy. Most websites, companies, and stores require you to download an app to your smartphone in order to access this technology. We think that’s cumbersome and inefficient. Apt2B’s AR experience is unlike any other on the market. You won’t have to download an app, you won’t have to click through multiple windows, and you won’t have to wait through an eternity of loading screens. With one click you’ll be able to see your dream sofa in your home! Simply choose the sofa, click “see this in my room”, and then snap a photo of your space. You’ll instantly see the sofa right there in your living room. It’s that easy. You can even move it around, rotate it, and change colors with simple, intuitive gestures. It’s a seamless experience that’s not only incredible – it’s also incredibly fun!

blue sofa, clock, lamp and book shelf with books and a flower on it

dark blue sofa, clock, lamp and book shelf with books and a flower on it

AR + Apt2B

It’s easy to see why AR is the most exciting technology in the world of online furniture shopping. AR gives you the power to see our furniture inside your own home. Up until now it’s required a good bit of imagination to see how an Apt2B sofa or sectional will look in your space. Will it look good with your current decor? Do the colors clash? Will it be too big? AR answers all of those questions. It gives you the power to cultivate your space and the confidence to make your dreams a reality.

Experience The Future Right Now

This technology isn’t a pipe dream. It’s available this very moment at So what are you waiting for? Go ahead – take your favorite Apt2B sofa for a spin!

Apt2B’s AR technology is powered by Roomvo

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