8 Tips for Transforming Your Boring Living Room


If spending time in your living room makes you feel more bored than relaxed, it might be time to liven things up a little bit. At Modernize, we love living rooms with color, charm, and character, and we promise it isn’t that hard to achieve. This list has something for everyone, from the craftiest and most skilled DIYers to the best thrift store shoppers, so there is no excuse for boredom here. Check out these eight creative ways to transform your boring living room.


Paint up a storm

One of the easiest ways to instantly freshen up a tired space is to add a fresh coat of paint. Choose timeless neutrals or trendy hues (Rose Quartz and Serenity, anyone?) and make your living room feel new again.

Tip: pick one (or a few!) from our wide range of Colorhouse paintsNot only are they beautiful, but they're also eco friendly, free of toxic fumes, and made in the USA.


Get your DIY on

Sand and stain your old hardwood floors, add new crown molding, or craft your own built-in storage space to completely change your living room. Warning: this is not for the faint of DIY heart, so only undertake big jobs like these if you have the time and energy (and money!) to spare and you’re sure you will get the job done.


The brighter, the better

Accent your living room with bright colors to liven up the place. Brazilian colors in particular are in style this year, so choose purples, greens, and yellows/oranges/golds for your furniture upholstery, throw pillows, and home decor pieces.


Go bold with patterns

If bright colors aren’t your thing, opt for stand-out patterns on your living room cushions, blankets, and even area rugs. You will be surprised at what a few stripes and arrows can do to a previously boring space. Even a sofa in a pretty jewel-toned color, like mint or turquoise, which creates a standout focal point of the room, like these chic apartment-sized sofas for smaller spaces. 


Find a focal point

No, it doesn’t have to be your 70 inch television screen. Find a captivating modern art print or a bunch of mismatched art pieces to hang on your living room’s largest, emptiest wall space and watch your room come to life again. It really is that simple.


Out with the old, in with the upcycled

Embrace the upcycling trend by reusing old pieces of furniture, reupholstering, distressing, and repainting your living room pieces to your heart’s content. Projects like these are great because they are inexpensive and add character to your living space.


Go green

If your living room is feeling more lifeless than boring, add a few potted plants or fresh-cut bouquets. These do double duty, as they brighten up the space and freshen the air in your home at the same time.


Style your space

Channel Joanna Gaines with a well-thought-out staging of your living space. Function isn’t always everything, so add a few one-of-a-kind accents to complete your mantelpiece, bookshelves, or coffee table and your living room will look like it’s come straight from the set of Fixer Upper.



Special thanks to Modernize for creating this post. Modernize is a great online resource for all things home improvement. Check them out here: www.modernize.com

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