Guess What'll Happen at Super Bowl 50 and Score Big


Get laced up. You're about to score big.

You've waited all year. Rooting for your team. Struggling through the defeats. Cheering on the big wins. The teams have finally dwindled down to its two leaders for the 2015-16 season: the Panthers and the Broncos. But only one can be the victor of the Super Bowl. The moment you've been waiting for is here. This Sunday, it's time for the big game!


...Can you tell we're excited?! In honor of the Super Bowl's 50th anniversary, we're giving our fans a chance to win big this season. With the countdown to kickoff almost here, we want to know what you think will happen! Choose your 16 picks for Super Bowl Sunday, including everything from coin flips to half-time shows, for your chance to win!

The contest

Football novice or expert? Doesn't matter– everyone can join in for a chance to win! You've got 16 multiple choice questions to predict what's going to happen (heads or tails on the coin flip? What's Coldplay going to play first?) and the more you get right, the higher your prize will be. 8 to 14+ correct predictions give you a huge discount on your order, while the person with the highest score gets a $500 gift card to the store! And what if you get a PERFECT score? We're going to hook you up with a whopping $2,500 gift card. 

We'll be live tweeting answers on Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 7th) as they come so you can follow along and see how many you got right, and we'll share a leaderboard of the most correct answers on Monday. As for the winners – we'll be emailing you on Monday too. :)

Enter nowand see you on game day!

Question time: which team are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

See you later,
The guy in 2A

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  • The Guy in 2A .
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  • Apt2B

    Hey Stephanie– yes, they have been! The $500 gift card winner is Whitney B, and we’ve sent emails to everyone who won 10%/15%/25%. :)

  • Stephanie Chapman
    Stephanie Chapman

    Have the winners/results been announced yet?

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