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You may not be an interior designer or home blogger, and chances are you're not Martha Stewart... but you can get a space that looks like you are with our innovative new style boards from Stylyze! We’ve brought you this new (and free) service to help you design your home with the best matching products from our store. Click on a piece, whether it's your favorite sofa, bed, or whatever else you're shopping for, and you can automatically see style boards based off the product you're looking at! Get great ideas for living rooms with beautiful combinations of sofas, coffee tables, side tables, area rugs, throw pillows, and even paint to bring it all together! Or check out your favorite bed to see some suggestions on how to make your bedroom your style haven with matching dressers, accent chairs, mirrors, and lamps!



So how does it work? 

Click on an item in our store, and within it you’ll see custom style boards featuring the product plus pieces that match perfectly. Style boards are based on color schemes which are made up just for you, plus you can change the theme to get exactly what you're looking for– including contemporary, midcentury modern, and traditional design styles. From there, you can buy a whole look or a few pieces to fit the style you're looking for! 


Specially curated, ready to shop collections and perfect matches!

Shop detailed style boards for matching items, complimentary pieces, and even paint. Easily transform an entire room by using the feature BUY THIS LOOK.
Curious about color? Searching for sale? Change your preferences and get instant ideas. 



Now get to Stylyzing! Give it a spin with one of our favorite sofas! 

 -The Apt2B Family

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