Everything You Need To Know About Discounts and Rebates From Apt2B

At Apt2B, we want to give you the best possible deal on items from our store. Our regular prices are already discounted significantly due to the fact that we are an online-only store and have low overhead. That's one of the best benefits of shopping on Apt2B! Periodically, we do offer promotional prices and fun deals for your benefit as well as ours. In these circumstances, it is our strict policy not to combine any promotional offers. That means that each item on our site is eligible for ONE discount only, and in most cases each ORDER is eligible for one discount only. In essence, promotional vouchers, coupons and codes cannot be used together, promotional codes cannot be used on items that are already showing a "special price" in red, and rebates will not be honored if a promotional code is used while checking out. If you any questions about our policies, check below to see the answers to our most popular questions, and, as always, feel free to Contact Us

  • Where do I enter my promo code for my order?
  • Promotion codes are entered at time of check out, in a promotion code field. This is only for offers that include a promotion code. Only one promotion code may be used at a time, and promo codes cannot be combined with other promotional offers. NOTE: Promo codes are case sensitive!!!


  • I have 2 different promo codes- can I apply them to the same order?
  • Unfortunately, we don't combine promotional offers, which means only one promo code per order per customer. If there are multiple promo codes made available to you, we invite you to choose the one that benefits your specific purchase the most!


  • I have a promo code, but it's not working! What should I do?
  • Promo codes are not applicable to already discounted items (i.e. items in the trash chute, deal of the day, etc.).  If you have a promo code that you believe should be working, please contact customer service


  • I don't have a promotion code. Can you give me a discount on my order?
  • Unfortunately, we can’t. However, we are continually offering new promotions and special offers. Please be sure you have chosen the option to receive email offers and promotions so you can receive discounts you may be interested in. To do this, log in to "My Account" and edit your preferences to indicate you want to receive future email offers from us.


  • Refer a friend: I just made a purchase and have been offered the option of receiving a rebate if I share with friends- can you explain how this works?
  • Sure! It's really simple: to earn a rebate on the purchase you just made, use any or all of the various methods provided in the offer (share to your facebook, twitter, or your friends via email) to let your friends know about Apt2B. All of these methods include a link and instructions on how to make a purchase at Apt2B.com. If someone you've shared with ends up making a purchase at Apt2B.com, you'll both be eligible to receive a rebate on your respective purchases! (NOTE: Some restrictions apply- see next FAQ). If you have declined the offer when it first popped up after your purchase, you may still participate by following the instructions sent to you in an email that followed your order confirmation email!


  • Refer a friend: I want to participate in the refer a friend rebate program- do any restrictions apply? 
  • Yes, some important ones: Offer not valid on second purchase to same household/shipping address. Offer not valid on purchases for which a promotional code or offer has been used. Offer only valid on regularly priced merchandise and cannot be used in conjunction with any sale or promotion. Offer not valid on purchase or use of e-Gift cards at Apt2B.com.


  • Refer a friend: I've just participated in the rebate program and have shared my purchase with all of my facebook friends BUT I used a promo code- will my purchase be eligible for the additional rebate/discount? 
  • Unfortunately, no. Our rebate offer is not valid on orders for which a promotional code or coupon code has been used- it is our strict policy at Apt2B not to combine promotional offers. If you refer a friend who makes a purchase at Apt2B.com WITHOUT using a promo code, however, they will be eligible for the 10% rebate on their purchase!


  • Refer a friend: I'm still a little confused as to how this works- can you help? 
  • Absolutely! If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to Contact Us- we'll do our best to clear up any confusion that may linger!


  • I have a question that isn't answered here- what should I do?
  • Don't Worry! We're going to take care of you. Please visit our Contact Us page or give us a jingle at (818)786-1951.