Apt2b has managed to find those pieces that one would expect to find at a swanky hotel in Vegas, or stores like: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, for much more  affordable prices. What really stood out to me was their ROOM PACKAGES!… I definitely recommend the room package options to anyone who's moving into a new place and has no furniture or little to no time to run around town looking for furniture.

-Tamara T, Yelp

Great job Apt2B!!!  i love the concept, the merchandise, and customer service.  
i don't remember how i found Apt2B but glad that i did.  happy hour fridays are brilliant.  the whole website is genius.
for modern decor, everyday home goods, and plain fun Apt2B!!

-Jenny K, Yelp


I went to Apt2b hoping for a cheaper alternative but found better stuff than any other site I looked at. I would've gladly paid more for what I got.

 -Joshua R, Yelp



Even the Broke Girls Guide is crushing on us...


So sorry but we must cancel this order. Sadly my daughter got hold of my credit card info and placed this order for her college apartment without my permission. Please let me know what I need to do to expedite this process. 

Livid mother

I don't remember how I found your website but I love the merchandise and clever idea of it.

-Jenny, email has become my new spot for picking up inexpensive home decor finds. Quirky shower curtains, a randomly intriguing fish bowl (no I don’t have a fish… what’s your point?), and lately, an awesome pop of color in an Alice in Wonderland-esque trippy kitchen clock for under $40.

-The Luxury Spot blog

I think the true measure of a good business is ensuring customer satisfaction.  Y'all have done that very well.   I will not only continue to shop with you, but I'll tell all my friends about your site.  In an age when customer service is all but gone, shopping with Apt2B is a refreshing experience. 

-David, email


I have to say, your site is amazing.. not just for the furniture, but the quips, restaurant suggestions, etc... it is my go to site at work, when i am bored out of my mind !

-Mark, Facebook


I recently bought a Lankershim white tufted leather bed from Apt2B, and I couldn't be happier. The bed looks exactly like it does online, but even better. It's really comfortable and the guys over at Apt2B made sure to get it to me very quickly. It was made simple and easy. The prices are reasonable and they have so many products I don't know where to start. Definitely recommend it!

-Steven L, Yelp


hi there!

i am obsessed with your site and philosophy. I've been spreading the word and really see you guys taking off. :) Affordable, modern furniture w/ humorous employees. I've never seen this anywhere before! Love it!

-Jen, Facebook



seriously, I am obsessed with your company, I keep telling people about it

-Elyse, Facebook


I am very impressed..and will continue to spread the word about your company...

 -Darrell, email